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Are you looking for a work-from-home job with flexible hours, competitive pay with the opportunity for bonuses and paid vacation? A PSO Dispatcher job may be just what you are looking for.


What Does a PSO Dispatcher Do?

Answers  Incoming Calls

A PSO Dispatcher answers all incoming calls for LDW Group’s phone sex service. Dispatchers are the first line of customer contact and support for callers, answering general questions about our service, available mistresses, etc. When a caller requests to speak with a mistress, the dispatcher processes billing and sends the caller to the mistress.

Mistress Recommendations

When a caller doesn’t have a specific mistress in mind, he may ask for a recommendation based on who is available that would be a good fit for what he is looking for.  Mistress recommendation requests are also received via the website. Dispatchers review the information received and recommend mistresses who are the best fit for what the caller is looking for.

Processes Billing

Dispatchers process billing for all calls in accordance with the strict standards required by the payment card industry; also known as PCI Standards. Privacy and security is of the utmost importance and discretion is a must.

Connects Callers with Mistresses

Once billing has been processed, Dispatchers connect the caller with their mistress of choice via our proprietary Virtual Call Center.

PSO Dispatcher Job Description

Please see the PSO Dispatcher Job Description for more information and, if interested, click the “Apply Now!” button to fill out an application.